Moving To The Cloud

See how a leading call testing and monitoring company ditched their premise-based solutions and moved to the cloud.

Call Load Testing

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A leading telecommunications testing and monitoring company wanted replace their legacy, premise-based solution with a modern, scaleable, cloud-based solution that would enable them to run continuous status and stress tests for their customers.

Call Load Testing // Moving To The Cloud

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The monitoring company used our APIs, Call Control Markup Language and cloud-based solution to replace their entire infrastructure.

Call Load Testing // Moving To The Cloud

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The monitoring company was able to deconstruct and terminate three data centers and discard bundles of telecommunications circuits all while serving some of the largest enterprises in the world. Now, they are no longer limited by telecom capacity, hardware or geography.

BTW, if you need old dialogic cards, we’ve got mounds of them for cheap.

Call Load Testing // Moving To The Cloud

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