Telephone Survey

Create, conduct and monitor telephone surveys with precision.


Shoutpoint’s Telephone Survey gives you a fully featured platform to create, manage, and monitor both inbound and outbound surveys.




Batch processing

Don’t bother making hundreds or thousands of individual calls. Send your survey to your entire list with one simple call.

Scalable capacity (CPS)

Do you need to get 1M calls out in an hour? No problem.

Advanced detection and delivery

Leverage our proprietary algorithms to deliver your messages based on the medium and device.

Prioritized delivery

Reserved capacity to deliver your survey, stat.

Intelligent routing

Decide to deliver based on speed vs. lowest cost.

Local Numbers

Select and rout local numbers on the fly.

Compliance-based dialing

Create dialing policies to disallow DNC lists, wireless numbers, or any other blacklist you might have.



Multivariable scripts

Create multivariable greetings and/or survey questions a-la ‘mail merge’.

Text To Speech (TTS)

Create audio files out of text, on the fly.


Stitch together your pre-recorded audio and combine it with TTS when necessary.

SMS and Voice




Quota Management

Add intelligence to your surveys by creating quotas, which will enable you to conduct surveys with much more efficiency and precision.

Auto early termination

When you find that a survey participant fit a quota that has already been filled, gracefully end the survey.

Record skipping

Once you have filled a particular quota, automatically skip records based on the data in your list. For example, if you already have your male quotas filled, you would be able to skip the rest of the male records in your list.



Integration ready

Integrate SMS, voice and conferencing communications directly into your preferred software platforms and tools (ERP, CRM, SIS, etc.).

Extensive APIs

Leverage our suite of RESTful or SOAP APIs to build your application.

Call Control Markup Language

We created our own Call Control Markup Language (CCML) to give our customers unprecedented controls to manage their communication flow.






Get stats and insights on the success of your survey.

Realtime reporting

See how people are interacting with your survey, real time

Delivery logs

Get the raw data logs including phone number, survey responses, connect times, error codes, etc.

Omnichannel Service

See how a leading software survey provider grew their business by adding telephone survey to their offering.

Telephone Survey

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