Mass Conferencing Events

FOR 100-100,000+
Host interactive telephone town hall events at massive scale.


Shoutpoint gives you the tools to schedule, initiate, moderate, and monitor massive conferencing events.





Create conferences on the fly or schedule them for the future.

User permissions

Assign user controls according to your preferences including everything from admin, to host, moderator or participant.

Security settings

Setup your own security preferences and require participants to join with a PIN or enable them to join via PINless entry.

Custom audio

Create your own set of custom audio, including a welcome script, hold music and all other prompts that follow the lifecycle of the conference call.



Outbound dialing

You don’t have to wait for people to call in to the conference. Call them instead!

Inbound Conference

Enable people to dial in to the conference with or without a PIN.

Track Down

Feed us an array of numbers to track down the conference participant, regardless if they are on the mobile, at home or at their office number.

PINless Entry

Feed us an array of numbers that are pre-approved to join the conference, and we won’t ask for their PIN.


Moderator Controls



Q&A Queue

Enable moderators to qualify and prioritize audience questions with our live screener controls.

Live polling

Get real-time feedback from your audience through live polling.

End of event survey

Gauge the audience sentiment after the event is over.

Audience Testimonials

Record testimonials from your audience during or after the event.

Audio controls

Adjust the audio of your conference on the fly and receive real-time feedback.

Boot participant

Need to shake a participant that has crossed the line with question? Boot them.


Transfer any caller to multiple target numbers.

Group chat

Chat throughout the event with your team.

Pre-Event Conference

Coordinate with your team of hosts, moderators and screeners before the event begins.



Integration ready

Schedule and launch mass conference events directly from your preferred software platforms and existing communications tools (CRM, etc.).

Extensive APIs

Leverage our suite of RESTful or SOAP APIs to integrate into your application.






Get stats and insights on the success of your conferences.

Real-time reporting

See who has been called, who hung up and who is listening in real-time.

Call logs

Get the raw data logs including participants, phone numbers, connect times, conference length, poll results, and audio recordings.

Telephone Town Hall

See how a leading political voice broadcast provider expanded their service offering with an interactive telephone town hall product.

Mass Conferencing Events (100-100,000+)

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