Interactive Voice Response

Clone, create and maintain robust IVR systems with our fully featured call controls.


Shoutpoint’s IVR API gives you the tools to replace your old telephony hardware and move into the cloud with ease.

Hardware Replacement


SIP Trunks

Scalable capacity (CPS – Calls Per Second)

Ready to handle any bursts you have in traffic, regardless of the time of day.

Menu Creation

Create menus, sub menus and sub menus of sub menus, etc.

Wait times and callback options

Communicate projected wait times and give your customers callback options.


We support multiple languages.

Directory lookup

Find a person or an office by name.

Maintenance Menu

Update your IVR through simple phone commands.

Outbound Dialing

Enable your IVR with outbound dialing.



Multivariable scripts

Multivariable messages a-la ‘mail merge’.

Text To Speech (TTS)

Create audio files out of text, on the fly.


Stitch together your pre-recorded audio and combine it with TTS when necessary.

Scheduled audio

Create audio to run during specific times a day or during a particular season.

Emergency audio

Generate audio to quickly post during different possible emergencies.

No internet connection required

Don’t have access to the internet? You can manage your IVR through a simple telephone menu.

Call recording

Record calls and for future analysis.

SMS and Voice




Speech recognition

Plug in your own speech recognition service, or select one of the many we have worked with.

Call transfer

Seamlessly transfer customers to another menu, voice mail, conference or live person.

Voice mail

Allow customers to leave a voice mail with a particular division or office.

Assign key strokes

Take full control of the user experience by creating your own navigation via the keypad.

After hours

Create audio and a special menu to run while when are closed.

Send SMS

Don’t just tell customers how to get to your business, send them directions via SMS.



Integration ready

Integrate your IVR directly into your preferred software platforms and tools (ERP, CRM, SIS, etc.).

Extensive APIs

Leverage our suite of RESTful or SOAP APIs to build your IVR

Call Control Markup Language

We created our own Call Control Markup Language (CCML) to give our customers unprecedented controls to manage their communication flow.






Get stats and insights on the success of your IVR.

Realtime reporting

See how people are interacting with your IVR, real time

Delivery logs

Get the raw data logs including phone numbers, user flow, connect times, error codes, etc.

Hardware Replacement

See how legacy telecommunication hardware systems can be replaced.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

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