E-Rate Funding Eligibility

Shoutpoint for Schools interconnected VoIP is eligible for E-rate funding support. (Shoutpoint’s Service Provider Identification Number (“SPIN”) is 143032646.) E-rate is a program operating under FCC rules that provides discounted services to eligible schools and libraries. The program is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), a not-for-profit corporation, and more particularly its Schools and Libraries Division (“SLD”). Applicants should always consult the rules and guidance issued by the FCC and USAC for definitive E-rate program requirements.




Shoutpoint customers use our services to replace expensive T-1 and legacy phone lines used for telephone connectivity with more cost effective interconnected VoIP lines. Importantly, while the lines themselves are eligible for E-rate funding support, many additional components that schools and libraries may use are not.


E-rate will fund the conduit for communication, such as T-1 or interconnected VoIP lines, but will not fund end-user equipment such as handsets or fax machines, and will not fund additional features such as broadcast messaging and interactive voice response. Some customers have asked whether the components connected to dial tone lines can affect E-rate eligibility. Shoutpoint has commissioned an opinion from an expert in E-rate eligibility, who has definitively indicated that the Shoutpoint interconnected VoIP service for schools and other landline dial tone services can receive E-rate funding when connected to any of the above components. For detailed and definitive information and requirements about E-rate funding support consult the SLD website at www.usac.org/sl.