Remember what life was like before Shoutpoint?

Jamie and Patrick founded Shoutpoint (now Voxology Integrations) in 2001 because they knew there was a better way to integrate telephones and enterprise applications.
From the beginning, Voxology Integrations built excellent, reliable telephony software that saved businesses money… and people paid us for it. Profitable since inception, we didn’t raise seed money or take on any debt. We’ve grown every year since and are now grateful to have hundreds of enterprise customers and several dozen talented employees in the U.S. As time has passed, we have worked hard to innovate and invest in our platform and our people. The result has been exemplary retention of both customers and employees. …and still no venture capital and no debt. You should also know that our team has always been… better engineers than marketers, more entrepreneurs than order takers, committed to honesty over aggressiveness, and a culture that values family over fortune. We believe you can do well while doing good. Perhaps the secret to our success is the simple premise that when you treat people right and develop solutions they value and enjoy, they stick around and good things happen. Join us and see for yourselves.

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  • Shoutpoint (now Voxology Integrations) was founded in 2001 by two technical, problem solving nerds entrepreneurs.
  • Voxology Integrations was ventured backed bootstrapped and has been profitable and growing ever since.
  • Voxology Integrations is largely a sales engineering shop with a very empathetic, technical support team.
  • The only thing that Voxology Integrations retains longer than its employees are its customers.
  • We like to think that it is because we are so funny and charming. But, we’re beginning to think that it is because our software just works.
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